The marriage feast parable

by libr8tr

The invited guests don’t show up for this feast.

In response to this, the man orders his servants to go into the community to invite others.  Some of them show up, but the servants notify the man that there is still room for more.

What good news!  This means that there is room at the table  of celebration for  the uninvited (originally) guests.  Not Jews, not Samaritans, but us, the Babylonians, Greeks, Romans and Assyrians!

The man sends his servants out to the “country roads” for more guests.  He is inviting us!  He is inviting all people to His honored table.

The salvation promised to Israel has been extended to the gentiles, grafting us into the stump of Jesse.  We now share in the fulfilled promises made to Israel through Jesus.  He is our invitation.