Philip and the unique eunuch

One of the coolest stories in the New Testament is the account in Acts 8 of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch.  The eunuch was a court official who was coming back from worshiping in Jerusalem.  While on the rocky ride back to Ethiopia, he decided to read a portion of Isaiah (chapter 53).

Philip is fresh off of spreading the gospel to the city of Samaria and other cities in Samaria on the way to Jerusalem.  He had spoken to large groups of people, and  they were being baptized.  An Angel of the Lord tells him to to South toward Gaza.  He sees the chariot in front of him, and runs up to catch it.

Philip then explains the passage the eunuch is reading Christologically.  The eunuch was ripe to hear the proclamation of Christ and Him crucified.  He asks Philip if He could be baptized into this new faith.  Philip baptizes him and then is not seen again.

And, the eunuch, “went on his way rejoicing”.  At first, I was struck by the humble, seeking attitude of the eunuch.  It’s a wonderful story of conversion.  But, on closer review, the thing that strikes me is that God  sent this leader of the church running after a man in a chariot!  What kind of God is this?  He is the “Son of Man (who) has come to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10).  It doesn’t matter if you are an outsider, a member of a rejected group, or a church reject, Jesus Christ has come for you.

Our God runs after the lost.  If this is the case,  how much more will he run after those who once confessed the faith, but who are now lost in confusion or despair.  He even comes for … us.  Jesus Christ is the crucified God who has come to seek and to save; especially when we’re lost.  And He won’t let people who are going in the opposite direction outrun Him.

May God bless and keep us in the faith once delivered to the saints, both now and forever, amen.