by libr8tr

Dear friends,

     It doesn’t matter what your Christian background is, there are only two theologies; The theology of Glory and the Theology of the Cross.  The best (and most edifying) work on understanding these is Gerhard Forde’s, “On Being a Theologian of the Cross”.  I guarantee that if you can get past any prejudices you might have because of the title and/or cover, you will be encouraged in the Christian faith.

The following is a tremendous quote from Gerhard Forde on the Theology of Glory:

Philosophers speak of the soul being trapped in the world of matter, decay, and death through some cosmic misadventure on the part of either the gods or mortals.  The basic scheme is what Paul Ricoeur has called “the myth of the exiled soul.”  The sould is exiled from its home.  It is slumbering or has forgotten its way.  Its true destiny is to return.  The way of return is by knowledge,  gnosis, the awakening of the soul to its immortal destiny and, consequently, behavior appropriate thereto — which usually means a purging or shucking off of the flesh and its lusts.  But through all its variations, the scheme remains pretty much the same: the exile of the soul from the “one” and its return  (On Being a Theologian of the Cross, 5)