Matthew’s Moses

by libr8tr

The author of the first Gospel account was attempting to reach an audience who was keenly aware of the life of Moses.  Matthew saw Jesus as the new Moses to such a degree that he even patterned his book with a structure of five discourses (see Scaer’s commentary on Matthew), reflecting the five books of Moses (Torah).

Additionally, James B. Jordan  has discovered (On the Biblical Horizons Website) that the entire book is in the form of a Chiasm.  “Chi” is the Greek letter which looks like our “X”.  It is a poetic pattern familiar to the Bible, and certainly to the Jewish people.  Here is the pattern of the Book of Matthew:

The Structure of Matthew’s Gospel

Here is the overall structure of Matthew, as I see it:

A. Genealogy (past), 1:1-17
B. First Mary and Jesus’ birth, 1:18-25
C. Gifts of wealth at birth, 2:1-12
D. Descent into Egypt; murder of children, 2:13-21
E. Judea avoided, 2:22-23
F. Baptism of Jesus, 3:1–8:23
G. Crossing the sea, 8:24–11:1
H. John’s ministry, 11:2-19
I. Rejection of Jesus, 11:20-24
J. Gifts for the new children, 11:25-30
K. Attack of Pharisees, 12:1-13
L. Pharisees determine to kill the innocent Servant, 12:14-21
K’ Condemnation of Pharisees, 12:22-45
J’ Gifts for the new children, 13:1-52
I’ Rejection of Jesus, 13:53-58
H’ John’s death, 14:1-12
G’ Crossing the sea, 14:13–16:12
F’ Transfiguration of Jesus, 16:13–18:35
E’ Judean ministry, 19:1–20:34
D’ Ascent into Jerusalem; judgment on Jews, 21:1–27:56
C’ Gift of wealth at death, 27:57-66
B’ Last Marys and Jesus’ resurrection, 28:1-15
A’ Commission (future), 28:16-20
In our day, it is assumed that educated people cannot be Christians.  Well, here is a highly intelligent author (Matthew) who has written a very complex literary work.  So, in the words of Bart Simpson©, tell your elitist skeptic friends, “Eat my shorts” elitist skeptics!
God Bless,