Paulson on God ‘Straight Up’

by libr8tr

“So the cry goes up, ‘Give me a God I can be proud of, like a pure idea or a transcendent goal.’ Once that happens humans are on a mission for more than self-knowledge; they want recognition that they are right and have risen above particular places, times, and cultures. They do not want to smell of particularity and parochialism. They are bound and determined to be like God knowing the difference between good and evil, believing in their own power to believe, becoming proud of their own existence without the need to depend on God for every little thing, and so not eternally bound to God by trust in specific promises. They come to think that they want God ‘straight up,’ with no words or fruit trees or bodies of water and testaments given in words, wine, bread–and no Jews. But for Luther this is all false spirituality that stands outside God’s house trying to peer through the windows and catch God with his clothes off. Yet there is nothing more dangerous than a religious peeping Tom”

–  Steven Paulson, Luther for Armchair Theologians, 109-110