Something to consider about your calling

by libr8tr

Gene Veith is an important and gifted writer.  This comes from his book, “The Spirituality of the Cross”.  I hope this helps you consider your vocation:

“It is possible–and common–to pursue occupations for which we have no aptitude and thus no vocation. I have had many students who choose their major in college on the basis of which job pays the most, regardless of the gifts God has given them. They try to turn themselves into accountants or managers or engineers, though they end up hating their studies and not being very good at what they are trying to do. Their true vocation might be music or art or construction work, but they are trying to be “practical”– as if vocation were self-chosen–and they deny their true God-given gifts to pursue talents they do not really have.”
-Gene Veith, “The Spirituality of the Cross”, 108