The Law is not Lord

by libr8tr

Law Books

Law Books (Photo credit: Mr. T in DC)

For many years, I have struggled to understand the relationship between the Law and the Gospel, between the written commands and demands in Scripture and the Good News that Christ is your Savior.

Many pastors and schools assert the importance of the Law.  In fact, most will give you a steady diet of don’t before they ever (if ever) talk about Christ being your Savior.  It doesn’t matter if you are in a baptist, non-denominational, charismatic, pentecostal, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Reformed or Presbyterian church.  To a greater or lesser degree, you will eventually see that the Law is the Lord.

What does that mean?  It means that they will eventually fall back to what you ought, should, or must be doing.  And, the reference point for doing (or not doing) these things will inevitably be Scripture.  Instead of understanding that Christ is now the Lord, ascended at the right hand of God, the practical outworking of the theology of Law (Glory), is that Christ is little more than a starting point and a maid (He’ll clean your house for a fee).

Christ completely fulfilled the requirements of the Law; or so we say.  But, further along the historical highway, Christ became a total sinner.  The sinner of all sinners.  What else does it mean that, “He who knew no sin became sin on our behalf”?  He was judged by the Law and punished by the Father.  And in this, He not only had victory over sin, death and the Devil, but also over the Law.

He is why we can be considered new creations.  He is why there is neither Greek nor Jew.  He is why the wall of enmity has been demolished.  He is why we   have   peace  with   God.  Because the accusations of the Law have been silenced forever in the judgment of Jesus Christ on the cross.

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  This is written for you Christian.  The Law is no longer Lord.  Christ is Lord, alone.  He will not share His Glory with the demands and commands of Scripture.  He has total domination over the Law.

Now, the Law can be put in its rightful place; to reveal God’s Holiness, and in that, our need for a total Savior from the temporal and eternal judgment of the Law.  He is the Lord of Grace who has come and had mercy on us forever.  The reign of the Law as intermediary has been replaced by the reign of Christ as intercessor.  And, there is no other.