Devotional from Psalm 19

by libr8tr

Please read Psalm 19 as you follow this devotional

The first six verses of this Psalm talk about God’s continued work through Creation. Without words, the heavens and the sun declare the glory of the Lord. As the light of the sun heats all that is on the earth, so God enlightens the souls of all who hear and trust in His Word.
“The Word” is Torah in the Old Testament. Verse seven states that, “the Lawof the Lord is perfect”. However, Law here is a poor translation. It would be accurate to use the term Torah or Pentateuch. It refers to the first five books ‘of Moses’. These five books were the instruction manual for young men who were called to memorize its contents. The Torahwas to be hidden in their hearts.
And, what was the instruction contained in these five books? Along with God’s Holy Law, God promises a redeemer. Starting in Genesis 3:15, God instructs his people about a coming Messiah. Later on, God uses Moses to lead the Exodus of God’s people which anticipates the Messiah leading God’s people out of this world through water (baptism) into the next world (resurrection). These five books teach us about Abraham, an idolator from a distant land who becomes the father of both temporal Israel and eternal Israel.
But, these five books also instruct us in God’s Holy requirements, and the sobering consequences of failing to follow every ‘jot and tittle’. In reading this law, we confess that His Law is holy, and He is the thrice Holy God who is ‘an all-consuming fire’. We confess that “we are by nature sinful and unclean”. We confess that we have neglected the reading of His word, and the hiding of it in our hearts.
Finally, at the end of verse 14, the Psalmist declares that the Lord, Himself, is our redeemer from sin and death. He is the one who has bound the strong man, unshackled Satan’s prisoners and set us free. He is the fulfilled promise of Genesis 3:15. His blood was spilled to cleanse us from sin, guilt and condemnation. And His blood speaks better than the blood of Abel. Both now and forever, Amen.