Human Sacrifice

by libr8tr

English: Aztec ritual human sacrifice portraye...

English: Aztec ritual human sacrifice portrayed in the page 141 (folio 70r) of the Codex Magliabechiano.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I was watching a T.V. interview of a choreographer in London.  He created a show based on the concept of sacrifice.  He referenced the (almost) sacrifice of Isaac by his father Abraham in the Bible.

As the interview continued, the choreographer spoke about how everyone sacrifices.  We all have to make choices that inevitably involve ‘sacrificing’ one choice for another.

I started to think about people and how we sacrifice in our relationships.  I have seen divorces where one person just decided that they didn’t want to be married any longer so they could do what they wanted.  They sacrificed their spouse and especially, their children, to pursue their own pleasure.

Other people sacrifice themselves in their spousal relationships.  They subordinate their wills to such an extent that they no longer have an identity.  They are unhappy in their marriage, but unable or unwilling (or both) to assert themselves and establish healthy boundaries.

Of course, these are very negative examples.  There are countless others who sacrifice their lives, possessions or time for others.  They do this willingly and in the full awareness that they are doing it for the benefit of others.  They are not sublimating their wills in a sort of ‘martyred life’ syndrome.  They are choosing to give up what’s precious to them in a particular situation out of unconditional love for another.

This is what we see with soldiers.  One man or woman sees an impending threat to their comrades and willingly lays down their life in living (and dying) sacrifice.  Each one of these military sacrifices echo the unselfish sacrifice of God’s own Son.  Unlike Isaac, Jesus was actually sacrificed for those he loved.

He spent His whole life for one purpose; to be a Lamb without blemish.  For as important as all the words, actions, and miracles of Jesus are, His whole purpose in being born a man was to be executed as the fulness of sin.  God incarnate became sin incarnate.

And for this, the Father punished Him with the fulness of His wrath.  An eternal wrath.  A cauldron of fiery judgment reserved for … you and me.  He willingly laid down all that He is to rescue us from the dominion of sin, death and the Devil.

And God the Father, satiated with Christ’s sacrifice, has become the Father of all for whom Jesus died, making us brothers and sisters in Him.

Thanks be to God,