Foundation for the end times

by libr8tr



A couple of weeks ago, one of the Sunday readings (periscopes) was from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.  I spent a considerable amount of time working through the text, because it is from this text that some theologians developed the concept of a rapture.

I came to understand a great deal, and as it is with any intensive study, I came to own a particular point of view.

For some time before this, I had been thinking a lot about the modern atheist/secularist movement in the United States.  As one component of this movement (which mimics Biblical religiosity), the end of the world scenario plays a prominent role.

The end result (forgive the pun) is that both of these groups have something in common; they share a presupposition of alarmism.  That is, both of them want you to feel alarmed so that you will be motivated to do something.  The first group wants to Alarm you into repentance, because “Jesus is coming any day now”.  The second group wants you to switch off your light bulbs and drive a Prius because the earth will be swallowed up in a disaster of biblical proportions.

Alarmists use propaganda to manipulate masses of people.  That is why the mashed-up term “sheeple” is appropriate for multitudes in the American culture.

Don’t be troubled by all this crap.  Instead, reject the paranoia that gives some people meaning in their lives.  Hold fast to the head, who is Christ Jesus.  No matter what happens, that focus will keep you from succumbing to Alarmist propaganda (by God’s grace).