Repetitive thoughts (but not obsessive)

by libr8tr

Here are some thoughts that seem to ‘come back round’ to me:

  1.  Many people go to church, but never own their faith.  This concept of ownership was introduced to me as a teacher.  If the students take on ownership of what they are learning, they can become independent rather than dependent.  It is not to say that I want people to own their faith so that they can become independent from church, but that they will be capable ministers of Christ’s church to the world.  If they are called to be priests of His church, then it is their responsibility to take that call seriously.  The Priesthood of believers is actually a thing.
  2. Nobody was saved by doing the works of the law; ever.  Jesus fulfilled all righteousness for us, but He was righteous at birth.  Even before birth, Jesus was righteous.  He didn’t gain righteousness for himself through the law.
  3. Almost all errors in the church stem from unbelief in the incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  There.  I said it.

Have a blessed day!