Don’t read this!

by libr8tr

Animals have instincts.  Chemicals react.  Cells respond.

Humans have predictable behaviors.

Case in point: If I tell you not to look at that picture of a scantily clad buxom woman to your right, what do you do?

The command to do something does not distribute the power to follow the command.  In other words, when someone gives us a command or demand, we very often act to do the exact opposite.  Why?

Because we are slaves to sin.

Yet, that is not the whole story.  The deeper problem is that we believe this is all we are.  We forget (more often than not) that we have been crucified with Christ and buried with Him in Baptism.  We forget that we have been given the Holy Spirit.  In short, we forget that we have been forgiven and set free.  Many of us live as prisoners.

There are two main categories of prisoners.  If you ever watch The Bridge over The River Kwai, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  There are obedient prisoners who whole-heartedly follow the rules.  Then, there are rebellious prisoners who seek to disrupt and disobey and disrespect at every chance they get.  Both are prisoners, though.  They are prisoners in relation to the Law.

It is the job of the preacher to preach Christ as the one who has set us free through His cross.  Jesus tells us He is this kind of savior in Luke 4, when he unrolls and reads the scroll of Isaiah in the Synagogue.  At the end of this, He says this is fulfilled in your hearing today.

He has set us free.  If the Son sets you free, you are free, indeed.