Unsustainable Christianity

by libr8tr

We live in a time of distractions, conflict and anxiety.  The world seems to be getting crazier!  And with that, some are in search of something that can tangibly help them to survive.

For years, this was the church.  It was a ‘safe space’ for people to go when they needed support, identity and community.  They could find there what they couldn’t get from their jobs, their gyms or their professional associations.

How times have changed!  Now, Mark Zuckerberg believes that Facebook  will replace churches.  For many, it probably has.

Yet, there are others who were raised in the church.  They have never known anything else.  Perhaps they have gone ‘church shopping’ occasionally, but they remain faithful attendees.

Most of these follow along, never questioning whether or not the church is actually teaching Christian truth.  They only change churches if they move to a new job.  They seem blissfully unaware of the impact of their church’s teachings.

Pairing this down further, there is a group of church members who are very aware of the impact of their church’s teachings.  They live in a state of constant awareness of their sins.  They are fed a steady diet of ‘biblical steps’ to overcome their shortcomings, only to find themselves coming up short.

They feel defeated.  they feel ‘less than’.  They feel … condemned.

The Christianity they have been taught has placed so many burdens on their conscience that they live a life full of ‘quiet desperation’ and guilt.  Living this way is unsustainable.  The person implodes from the inner turmoil they face on a daily basis.  They are tortured prisoners living in a personal dungeon.

The good news is that this is not Christianity at all!  It is a piss-poor replacement of Jesus Christ with works.  If we spoke in Old Testament terms, it is a golden calf; an idol which leads to the worshipping the effort of the self.

If your interest has been piqued, read on!  And may Christ lead us to pastures and streams flowing with His Grace.